Italy: Biking in Venice?

We enjoyed walking the streets of Venice, checking off our “must see” sights from our list.  Don’t ask us why, but we felt the need to get out of the city after five days to do something entirely different.  It turned out to be our best day in Venice.

We hopped on the ferry for Lido, an island off Venice.  It’s a lovely trip.  Just when we were really relaxing and enjoying the view, the ferry arrived at Lido.  We had noted vague mentions in our guidebook about bike rental stands near the dock, and, sure enough, we found one without trouble.  Our plan was to circle the island – only 11 km. long.

We mounted bikes and rode southwest on long tree-lined avenues, past the building where the Venice Film Festival is held, and then into a less populated area facing the Venetian Lagoon.  We stopped at a little food stand for a drink and rested outside enjoying a beautiful day.

Joe at the seawall

Off we went, riding now with the Adriatic Sea to our right. We were on a concrete seawall, wide enough for riding and nicely protected from motor vehicles.  An empty beach, and we had the seawall to ourselves. What could be better?  We did pass an unusual sight.  Was it art?  Or a serious attempt to make some sort of shelter?   Not sure.  What do you think?  I especially liked the faux palm trees with fronds made from plastic bags. (see photos)

As we came to the end of the seawall, we parked our bikes and went down to explore the beach.  Late afternoon and we were alone in a perfect place and time.

Hunger finally moved us again.  We rode north to see what we could find of an old Jewish Cemetery before looping back in search of a restaurant for dinner.

On this evening, we lingered after our meal, enjoying the sidewalk scene, timing our walk back to the ferry to arrive at the moment of departure.   Venice lights gradually came closer as our boat raced across the Lagoon.  Finally, the lights illuminated Venetian buildings. Our best day yet in Venice.


September 2008

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2 Responses to Italy: Biking in Venice?

  1. Catherine says:

    Sounds like a perfect day !

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