Turkey: Hiking on the Turquoise Coast

In Feb 2009, our plans for a May trip to Syria and Jordan totally fell apart.  It just wasn’t a good time to be traveling there.  If not there, where?  We wanted hiking and somewhere near the ocean would be a plus.  Not too expensive.  Good food is a given.

Ottoman Palace Hotel

We had a lucky find, discovering the Ottoman Palace Hotel in a small town on the southern coast of Turkey.  Its website showed a modest hotel, with pool and located near the ocean. It boasted of fabulous food and best of all –  you could hike every day.

Jon, the owner, sat down to chat with us after dinner that first night.  What would we like to do while we were there? He laid out a plan for all those prepared to hike. 

Each day he dropped us off at trailheads and arranged pickup at day’s end.  One afternoon, we ended a long hike at a terrific fish restaurant and had a lovely multi-course dinner. Another day, Jon gave us a tour of ancient Lycian ruins.

Ruins at Olympus

The hiking was varied: walking through archaeological areas, on cliffs overlooking the ocean, and into lovely forests.

Unexpected crossing

The last day offered an unexpected treat.  We hiked in the morning to an inlet beach.  A boat appeared a few minutes later to pick us up, and off we went for an afternoon cruising the coast.  Our boat stopped several times in coves for swims in the fabulously blue Mediterranean.  We were served a light fish lunch in mid-afternoon, and then we all sprawled lazily on deck, taking in the scenery as our boat moved slowly along the dreamy coast.

May 2009

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