Washington, DC to Portland, OR: the long way

What better way to celebrate retirement than take a very long trip?  For us – one is not enough.  We’re planning two major back-to-back trips: first we’ll drive from Washington DC, where we now live, to the West Coast; and the second is an around-the-world journey.

The last road trip we took to the West Coast was the summer of 1971.  When the school year ended, we left our teaching jobs in Maine and headed to Ohio for a family visit.  From there some memorable stops were made riding horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, camping in Idaho, finally reaching the Pacific Ocean in Oregon, feeling like ducks out of water in Los Angeles.  We traveled in our VW bug and camped the whole way.

What have we learned in over 40 years of traveling since our last cross country trip that will improve this trip?  Maybe it will be to slow down.  Enjoy where you are while you are there.  Don’t be in a hurry to leave.

Where are we going on the upcoming trip?  We’re not sure. Generally we’ll swing down to Key West, then back up to the FL panhandle, and head due west. Occasionally we’ll do zigzags off the path to visit friends.  A few must-sees are the Gulf Coast of Florida, New Orleans, Austin, Tucson, and Channel Islands National Park. We’d like to do some camping and maybe stay in a few wonderful places deserving of more time, if we can find good places to stay (on Air BnB?)   Places where we can hike and enjoy the outdoors are high on our list.

Any recommendations for the road trip?

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4 Responses to Washington, DC to Portland, OR: the long way

  1. rsetia67 says:

    Check out Brian and Shannon’s blog http://everywhereonce.com/ They’ve been traveling around the US on an RV since April 2010. Their blog site has good posts on places they visited, as well as tips and lessons learned from their experience.

    • You are right – it is a great blog! We have been following them this year and hope to follow in their RV wake to some of the sights they recommended. Of course, we’ll be in a small tent so it’ll be interesting to see if the campgrounds offer the same experience…

  2. Work your hobbies into the trip. For example, if you like to cook, take a cooking class in New Orleans and again in Texas or the Southwest. Catch local festivals to really get a taste of Americana at a range in the spectrum from raunchy to marvelous. Love your belief in going slow….get off the Interstates and follow the old roads.

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