Spain: Agriturismo and hiking too

We’ve been taking hiking trips with our cousins, Susie and Tom, for 20 years.  Our “A” list of trips had long since been taken, and we were all struggling with “where to go” next.  Tom called one day as he was waiting in line at a computer store.  He was pretty excited.  Had we seen the latest issue of “National Geographic Traveler”?  A little inn in the Asturias region of Spain was featured, offering its own organic farm-raised food and hiking from its doorstep.  Perfect!

Posada Del Valle

We settled in to the Posada Del Valle for five days.  It was a comfortable agriturismo inn.  The food ranged from good to great; the library was a resource for hiking and local things to see and do; and the sitting room had games for us to play in the evenings.

We discovered that a local specialty is hard apple cider.  Off we went to find a popular outdoor café to order cider and a large variety of local cheeses.  The cider is poured with great ceremony raising the pouring arm up over the head to get maximum height for the cider to aerate before it (sometimes) lands in the glass at  arms’ length below the hip.  It’s quite a sight!

This location could not have been better for the variety of day trips. We had great fun visiting the town of Poo and its art centre. Another day we hiked up a mountain to a commanding overlook of the ocean.  We hiked along the coast and dropped down to a nudist beach and ambled through forests.

Planning this trip came easy.  First, book Posada Del Valle and a rental car. Then browse its library for good ideas, and, when needed, the innkeepers will help with further suggestions and maps.

September 2010

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