San Francisco: A Quirky Way to See the Town

My first reaction was “You’re kidding?!”  Our daughter and son-in-law asked if we wanted go with them on a GoCar tour of San Francisco.  We clicked on GoCar’s website.  We’d be riding in orange (very) miniature cars (classified as motorcycles), wearing helmets, listening to an audio tour as we zipped through traffic.  Very dorky. very touristy.  Count us in!

We could chose among several routes, and we decided to start out towards the Golden Gate Bridge.  At 10:30am we puttered away from GoCar’s Hyde Street location, heading west.  Traffic was mercifully light.  We spent the first mile adjusting rear view mirrors and adapting to the little quirks of driving a GoCar.

Soon we were warmed by the sun, and we were enjoying the scenery from a different viewpoint – open cockpit, low center of gravity, and watching people watching us.  The GoCars are loud and “fumey,” so people notice you.  The open cockpit’s speaker system may be addressed to you the driver and passenger, but the sound goes out to the whole block.  Pity the poor neighbors.

We stopped a few times at little parks.  The Golden Gate Bridge made a great backdrop for photos.  We timed our tour to have a grand and thrilling finale: dropping down Lombard Street, the “crookedest” street in San Francisco. As we approached Lombard, probably 30 people, phones, cameras, and videorecorders in hand, waited to see a vehicle go down the steep and winding road.  They cheered us on when we obliged with a crazy and wild ride!

We turned in the GoCars and strolled to Ft. Mason for our reservation at Greens restaurant.  We have their cookbook and it’s terrific.  Would the restaurant live up to our expectations?

Despite having a reservation, Greens was having a busy day, and we had to wait many minutes before being led to a table. Now we could all relax!  The table was perfect.  It was right by the huge window.  The dining room was beautiful and simply elegant.  The warm sun and the view of the harbor and bridge spoke silently to us, “You’re on vacation and Life is very good.”

The four of us agreed to share everything. “Everything” included mesquite grilled polenta, Potato Griddle Cakes, Fresh Spring Rolls, Soft Corn Tacos, Grilled Portabello and Crimini Mushroom Sandwich, Farro Spaghetti, and, two desserts.  We were not disappointed. Our opinion is that this very good meal was even better because we shared all the dishes. Our expectations were more than satisfied.

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