Vancouver is Not Just a City

It’s an island, too. We’d heard Vancouver Island is a popular vacation destination for those who love the outdoors.  Tofino, on the west coast of the island, is reputed to be THE place to go. So that was our plan.

Our cousins, Susie and Tom, came down to Washington, DC for a weekend visit with us, and we all searched through guidebooks and surfed the web to find hiking trails and an affordable place to stay in Tofino.  Our plan just wasn’t coming together.

Where could we find what we were looking for? It was surprisingly easy.

We had wanted to visit Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia.  It’s a beautiful little city and would be our arrival point by ferry from Seattle.  Just west of Victoria is Sooke, home to the East Sooke Regional Park.  The Park has a number of interesting and varied trails.  We found our plan!  Destination:  Sooke.

Now to find a place to stay. We were thinking about a vacation rental.  It seemed our least expensive option for a 5 days visit.  Our group split on eating in (more economical) or eating out (maybe more fun?).

Surprise! Our search easily netted a number of rentals available in July. We pored over our choices and, having considered all options, decided to go for a rental right on the water.  A spacious two story house was not the least expensive option, but it just seemed perfect for what we wanted.  

The house was beautiful in every way. Loved the kitchen and the big dining table.  The view from its ceiling-to-floor windows gave us a panorama of The Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic mountain range. We relaxed in front of a cozy fire one night after a long walk.   Outside the bathroom window, a California quail searched the lawn.  Get the camera! Click.  For those of us who have desk jobs and stay inside all day when home, the decks provided the ultimate in relaxation.  Look at those amazing views!

July 2011

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1 Response to Vancouver is Not Just a City

  1. bwbears says:

    That really is a nice house with a great view!

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