Water, Water, Everywhere – Day 1

Venice.  Where better to take photos of gondoliers in the canal?  The large window in our modest hotel room had a wide ledge, a perfect seat for watching the boats glide by in the warm late afternoon.   Water and sun have a way of relaxing a weary traveler. I was so intent on our new camera’s settings that I almost missed seeing the tourist in the boat quickly snap a photo of me!

We don’t know if it’s possible to take a bad photo in Venice.  The light, atmosphere, and colors enhance its rich architectural details.  Walks in the morning and early evening are a magic time for photography.

We slowed down to the pace of Venice.  I took more than enough time to observe and, then, set up the shot to be taken.  So many others also are travelers and tourists that no one finds it strange to see many photographers on the street.

Our first day in Venice was charmed. And yet we boarded a bus for Cortina on the second day.  (How could we leave?  Only by knowing we’d be back to Venice in a week. ) The bus sped down the causeway to the mainland, and we looked out the windows, fascinated by the sparkly water view.

September 2008

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6 Responses to Water, Water, Everywhere – Day 1

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  2. Nina says:

    I think I need to r evisit Venice. Your picture shows that its a pretty city regardless

  3. Debbie says:

    I love Venice. How could you not? Then again, i loved every place in Italy. A selection of my photos from Italy are on my website if you’d like to see them. Enjoy your travels.

  4. aFrankAngle says:

    Thanks for taking me back to Venice – which is simply a wonderful place to visit.

  5. Great post that reminded me what a special place Venice is and why I should return visit! Thanks.

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