Memory Souvenirs

Most days, we’re on cruise control — just not really paying attention.  But, move us out of our safety zone by going on a trip, and we become more observant. We’re guessing you have had the same experience, right?  Have you noticed how your senses heighten, how your motivation peaks to learn about the new place you’re in and to savor a different cuisine?   No wonder we love to travel.

It’s not surprising then that we don’t bird watch very often at home.  Hey, it’s the same old birds we see most ever day.  Take us on a trip though, and we turn to binoculars and bird guide.  Sighting birds is a memory souvenir to take home.  Better yet, if we can get a good photo, we’re in seventh heaven!

The easiest bird photos to take are in St Mark’s Square in Venice.  Would you entice pigeons to perch on your head and arms?

Another easy way to get a photo is to find a bird ready to eat.  That didn’t come out right.  Find a bird that is feeding.  This was taken from the sea wall in Vancouver, Canada.

This cardinal was photographed on a cold day on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Platforms for stork nests have been built all over Selcuk, Turkey.  Our hotel had a lovely rooftop terrace looking out onto this nest.

Some birds are elusive and hard to photograph. (We use a simple camera. Nothing professional.)  We were walking in Olympic National Forest in Washington when we spotted this bird.  Is it a blue grouse?

Sometimes a bird isn’t a bird.  We hiked a trail outside Whistler, Canada and looked up to see a bird.  It took a second to realize it’s a terrific piece of art!

Not all souvenirs have to be purchased in the gift shops and packed into an already full suitcase.  Memory souvenirs can be captured when your eyes are wide open.  These are worth collecting and easily transported.

April 2012

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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5 Responses to Memory Souvenirs

  1. cmatthews327 says:

    I did not lure a pigeon to me in St Mark’s Square and now I wish I had that memory souvenir. Next time, for sure!

  2. Gunta says:

    Wonderful bird captures and even more so without the fancy lenses. I find that I tend to be much more observant whenever I have my camera along.

    • Thx. Yes, our camera has that effect of awakening our attention, too, but, when we’re trying to make time hiking, it can slow us down or create a tension between seeing sights on the way and getting to our destination before nightfall. jvolk

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