It Happens Every Spring

What does Spring bring?  You were going to say warm weather and flowers.  I’m going to say the Smithsonian Craft Show!

I admired so many of the works on display — all so skillfully done and beautiful! — but I did have my favorites.  A few that drew me back to them after a first look were …

Claudia Mills‘ collection of woven rag rugs blew me away.  I always thought of rag rugs as doormats of  poor quality materials and loud colors. This collection was the complete opposite.  She plays with color, proportion, and subtle spaces.  I thought about how I would display one of Claudia Mills’ rugs.  I would place one in a room with neutral color furnishings.  The rug would become the focus of attention and lead you into the room.

Does everyone’s home have a mirror?  Mirrors enhance the room size and, of course, work for a quick appearance check.  The mirrors by Paul Monfredo and Nancy McCormick are stunning.  The designs are intricate, and, yet, the overall effect is simply elegant.  These mirrors would definitely take the spotlight in any room.

Detail of another mirror.

I was searching for something fanciful.  Christine Kaiser has charming small works.  Do you like this little guy in “Blowing Away”?

The wallpieces displayed by Tim and Kathleen Harding shimmered in dazzling, masterfully-worked colors.  The effect was a complex design.  How did they achieve the wavy strands?  Here’s a long view contrasted by a closeup to show the complex interplay of fabric strips and colors.

And how about these?

Kari Lonning

My photography does not do justice to any of these pieces.  So, if you have an interest – do check out their websites.

This wonderful show presented 121 exhibitors, covering a broad range of mediums. So, if you’re planning a future visit to Washington, DC, why not consider a Spring trip and add the Smithsonian Craft Show to your list of must-sees?

April 2012

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