Off the Beaten Path in Turkey

Istanbul, Ephesus, and, maybe, Cappadocia or Pamukkale are on your list. Fine and good. When given the opportunity for something a bit different – we’re game. As bees are attracted to honey so are we to an adventurous hike.

We’re wandering in an unidentified valley in Goreme, Cappadochia getting nowhere fast. Our goal is to hook up with the Sword Valley trail and explore an area with ancient cave dwellings. This walking is super easy on a flat and wide dirt road. We see a young couple far ahead disappear into woods as the trail narrows ahead. Shortly they pop back out of the woods, and, as we pass, they offer that the trail ahead is too overgrown. Really? She did have little strappy sandals on. Honestly, we do love a challenge. We plunge ahead.

Woods, thorn bushes, a slot canyon ahead. For joy! Huge boulders block the trail. Some we climb over with some difficulty. Others have ladders to help us continue. What a fun trail! A short way on, our cousin, Tom, spots a cave. We had missed it. He plunges in and sees a tunnel ahead which he takes, carefully making his way through the dark passageway. We walk along the path outside and discover periodic small openings where he can see out. We do this for some time, calling him and seeing him at little “windows” as he makes his way through the tunnel. After quite a distance the tunnel ends. Some cave dwellings are nearby, high up on the canyon walls. This is an area where people lived in the caves for protection almost 2,000 years ago. So, we guess the tunnel was used to move around unseen in times of danger. We continue to explore the area and, after a steep climb up the hillside, discover we are overlooking the Goreme Open Air Museum.

April 2012


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4 Responses to Off the Beaten Path in Turkey

  1. Travelbunny says:

    We ventured out on a hike or two to see some Fairy Chimneys up close – didn’t find any secret tunnels though!

  2. tylerrite says:

    So jealous of your plans for an around-the-world trip in 2014 … my goal is someday to spend 6 months abroad, guess I don’t dream big enough! Also, thank you for checking out my blog, An Enriching Life, about my first night in Istanbul. I look forward to reading about your experiences in Turkey.

    • You are welcome. Six months abroad would be a good start and half way to the one year. We only took 42 years to reach the point of planning our one year abroad trip, and 44 years will have elapsed before starting it. Patience pays … eventually!

  3. baidanbi says:

    Does sound like a super fun trail. We hiked part of the Sword Valley on the way out of Rose Valley but missed this part. Next time. Cappadocia is definitely on my list of places deserving of a second visit.

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