Splitting costs = An upgrade

Look at it this way. Traveling with six has its advantages. We knew we wanted to spend a day on a cruise in the Aegean. Had we not been with friends, our choice would have been what we alone could afford: two seats on a large, noisy boat, with many other tourists. With six passengers, another option opened up for us: sharing the cost of a private rental for our Aegean cruise.
After arriving in Bodrum, Turkey and seeing the beautiful blue clear sea water, feeling the warm sun on our whitish skin, and seeking relaxation for a day at sea – we were ready to make it happen.
We leave our little hotel and leisurely stroll the narrow pedestrian street past many shops with bags, shoes, and jewelry. Everyday cares are dropping away. A lovely cafe on the water (where else?) is our first stop for mint lemonade or maybe a beer. Refreshed, we make our way to the harbor and start assessing the boats. Too small? Not large enough. Don’t like the seating. Love the shaded lounge area. We board one, then another, soon a third and fourth. We’re narrowing down what we want. We all agree on “Mermaid.” She has a nice dining table with flowers, enough blue lounge mats in the shade and in the sun to please everyone. The route is agreed on as well as the meal. Everyone shakes hands. Our day’s work is done — until tomorrow at 10am, when we will meet again for our voyage.
May 2012


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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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