18 degrees Centigrade

Eighteen degrees Centigrade (64 degrees Fahrenheit) may be a fine air temperature, but it doesn’t make sea water warm enough to swim in early May. Normally we wouldn’t give swimming a second thought at that temperature.  BUT.  Here we were on a boat in the sparkling blue Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey.  I mean, this just wasn’t an everyday experience for us.

We’d been lounging in the warm sun on the deck for hours.  Time to stretch.  The boat cruised into a little bay.  Should we give it a try?  Our cousin, Susie, was game.  Off with the sunglasses and wrap.  She descended the ladder and let out a howl as she dropped into the cold water. We very slowly followed, inch by inch.  Soon we three were in and it was not so bad, we told ourselves, as long as we were swimming.  The beach was not far, and we swam through the cold clear water and then floated over smooth rocks to the shore.  Our reward was a collection of tiny pebbles and beach glass.

Later in the day the boat pulled into the last bay on our excursion.  Clearly, the time was now or never for the two in our group who were trying to muster the courage to take the plunge. They did! But then quickly swam back and fought over the ladder to get out of the cold water as quickly as they could.  Standing on the warm deck, the rest of us laughed and took photos, recording the memorable dip into the cold, if not icy, sea.

May 2012

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