Baby Storks

Where we’re from there aren’t any storks.  OK, we’re not counting the mythical storks who bring babies to loving families.  So, it was a surprise to arrive in Selcuk, Turkey, site of the famous archaeological site, Ephesus, and discover storks.  They migrate up from Africa, flying over the Middle East, not directly over the Mediterranean as we would have assumed. They nest in Selcuk, which has returned the favor and built stork nesting platforms all over town.

Hotel Bella has a beautiful rooftop terrace that’s perfectly suited to viewing two stork nests.  We sat in the late afternoon on the roof top terrace, relaxing with drinks in hand, leaning back on the rich and plump Turkish pillows.  The sun was low, the temperature just right.  Their terrace is the perfect viewing platform for us tourists to watch the storks on their platforms as these elegant birds fed and hovered over their baby chicks.

As we checked into our room at Hotel Bella, we were delighted to see our towels folded into two “storks” (I like to think, or maybe they are “swans”).  A very nice touch.

May 2012

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2 Responses to Baby Storks

  1. baidanbi says:

    I thought these storks looked familiar we stayed at the sister hotel, Hotel Nilya. We must be reading the same guidebooks 🙂

  2. Jeremy says:

    Enjoyed your blog and hope you come to South Africa. There are some great walks.

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