Go for it!

Ever consider renting a motor scooter for a day of touring?  We hadn’t, but reading someone’s blog about getting around an island in Thailand on a scooter inspired us to ask ourselves, “Why not?!”

We were on the Greek island of Kos for 4 days.  We got a recommendation from the hotel owner for a rental shop that prides itself on good equipment and maintenance.  It was meant to be.  We saved our ride for the last day, forecast to be sunny and perfect weather.

The day arrived, and we awoke to pouring rain.  Disappointment.  Our eagerness to get up, and out, and moving, turned to lethargy.  Beth climbed back into bed, and Joe glared at the sky, willing the bad weather to pass.  Very slowly the rains turned to a threatening sky, and then to a sky with just a few patches of blue.  We jumped up, raced out the door and were at the shop renting a brand new, sleek black KYMCO 125 Like motor scooter in a manner of minutes.

We were quickly out of Kos Town and headed toward the northern shore.  For a good stretch we rode by lovely Aegean beaches, then passed farm fields planted with what looked like heads of cabbage.  With only a brief stop we headed on to Tigaki, home of Sagittarius, a highly rated restaurant on tripadvisor.  We parked the scooter at the town square and walked around trying in vain to find Sagittarius.  Popped into a little travel agency and got directions.  When we asked if the food was good he replied, “Never ate there.”  Undaunted, we forged ahead and found it on a stretch of road away from the beach.  Was it good?  YES.  (That travel agent ought to give it a try.)

While in town we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to check out the beach.  Sand extended into the water with the perfect blue sky above.  It’s not a wonder people flock here for a vacation.

Back on the scooter, we drove further down the coast before looping back to turn toward Zia, an old mountain town in the interior.  The scooter had enough power to make a rather easy ascent, up the switchbacks, always with scenic views.  The landscape dramatically changed and we found ourselves in a cool and dark pine forest.  A few more steep turns and we arrived.

Church in Zia

The walk through Zia was like going back in time.  Chickens and roosters freely roamed.  Women were dressed traditionally.  No cars on the streets after we left the main road, which narrowed to only foot paths.

In the late afternoon, as we descended the mountain to return the scooter, we took an exciting route down – one hairpin turn after another, after another.  Great views.  What a way to end the day!

May 2012

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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