Thousands of tiny stones and glass

The immense stone columns at archaeological sites may be the first thing you notice, but, then, the tiny bits of stone and glass forming the ancient mosaics draw you in for a careful study.  Mosaics are a clear depiction of those ancient times.  Animals, flowers, everyday scenes, myths, legends, and decorative patterns inform us about how people lived way back then.

Mosaics date as far back as about 4,500 years – so the ones we saw in Turkey and Greece are relatively “recent” – all less than 3,000 years old.  Here are few of the many we saw.

The Terrace Houses, Ephesus, Turkey

Bodrum Castle, Turkey

Kos Town, Greece

The detail was “rougher” stones than we expected.

We noticed netting covered with small stones laid over some of the mosaics for temporary protection.

May 2012

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2 Responses to Thousands of tiny stones and glass

  1. allysonyj says:

    I loved traveling in Turkey, agree that a less strict itinerary and a more primitive mode of transport opens doors to many adventures that otherwise would be missed. I am hoping to return to this type of travel soon but my next two adventure will be highly structured – traveling with a nonagenarian does close out a few strenuous options.

    • Yes, we too are saving our cruises and other structured travel for when we have reached the point where we no longer seek “active” travel but still want to travel. I hope we have a younger companion who is willing to accompany us then, as does your nonagenarian now. B & J

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