Maybe you can understand.  We had jobs where we sat in an office chair, the vista was our computer screens, the sounds were phones ringing, and the air was super cooled in the summer. We wanted a getaway vacation and wanted more than anything to truly GET AWAY.

The great outdoors beckoned.  Iceland was our choice. We spent our days outside enjoying everything that was beautiful and different from our daily life back at home. We used our Canon G9 and iPhone cameras to take photos and then compared every evening, observing how we had each captured the day.

The muted skylight in Iceland made photography easier.  Landscape colors were absolutely vibrant. The subject matter was really appealing: waterfalls, mountains, springs with algae, glaciers…

We’ve taken quite a few trips and would say –hands down -that Iceland wins for most beautiful place to photograph.

Bird watching from a blind.

August 2011

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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7 Responses to Getaway

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  2. corinthrose says:

    Like your simple but direct blog…my husband and I have the same mindset as I’ve read and “feel” reading your blog. Thank you for the “like” today. You might enjoy reading, “Trip of a Lifetime.” We spent 92 days on the road, in a Ford pickup, tent camping our way to and from Alaska. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing. Island surely is on my list. It is not too far from Berlin and the airline rates are still affordable at the moment. It must have been a dream to be there and take photos. I so want to do that. And I need to bath in the blue lagoon. That sounds like great fun.

  4. I was in Iceland last year, and it truly is a beautiful country!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  5. cparrr says:

    That looks like a load of fun!

    Feel free to check out my post on using the color red in your photographs!

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