When the snow comes, we’re out of here…

Prediction: major East Coast snowstorm late December 2012.  How can we make this bold prediction?  We’ll be leaving the East Coast then on a road trip. The weather has been rather dramatic of late, so we may be in for a stormy and cold sendoff.

Our little ’95 Honda Civic will be pointed due South.  The temperature will rise with each travel day.  Chilly days in winter coats will turn gradually into sweater days with a warmer sun.  That transition will serve as a metaphor as we shed our former work lives in Washington, DC – filled with busy schedules, too much to do, and (we admit it) stress  – to new slow traveling lives with time for all those interests that were side-lined during our working years.  By mid-January, we’ll set up our little pup tent in Key West.  Our journey will have begun.

Tune in to see if this all works as we have planned.

July 2012

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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7 Responses to When the snow comes, we’re out of here…

  1. bmpiller says:

    This sounds like more than just travel…It sounds like a life change. Wish you the best!

  2. How lovely to have such an adventure to look forward – part of the fun of travelling is the looking forward I think.

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