Beachy Keen

Criteria for a short vacation in October for 3 adults and two kids, 5 and 2:

  • Somewhere new
  • Beach
  • Warm weather
  • Relatively near an airport
  • Rental house with 3 bedrooms

… and it’s a bonus if there is great shopping, bike rentals, and a few good restaurants nearby.

Our daughter, Kir, did the research, proposed Tybee Island, Georgia, and directed us to a website with a selection of charming, brightly painted beach houses.  We agreed on a real charmer, Breeze Inn.

The house was as good as it looked: comfortable and cozy. Bees and butterflies filled the flowering garden. It became our home-away-from-home the moment we walked in.

We dashed to put on our swimsuits and headed for the beach.  A short walk led to a wood-slat elevated ramp taking us up and over the protected dunes.  We had arrived!  Small shells dotted pristine sand, almost no one else in sight, and waves tame enough for our little grandsons.

We explored the island on rented bicycles.   On one outing the boys quickly climbed to the top of the lighthouse.  We then pedaled to the Crab Shack, where we dined on the deck overlooking the water and marsh. It was the perfect place to have crabs in the shell and shrimp – and the boys loved every bite.  The Crab Shack displayed exotic birds and alligators in an enclosed pond.  Cats are everywhere. Our grandsons were captivated.

The town center was very small and, in our view, only good for an occasional ice cream, water toy purchase or quick lunch, but that was in our favor as we concentrated on the important things:  being together at the beach each day, walking and riding bicycles everywhere, playing, and reading books.  Tybee Island was a real get-away for us.

We’ll remember Tybee for it’s happy beach colors.

October 2012

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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6 Responses to Beachy Keen

  1. The perspective was different. I was only there for a couple of hours. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  2. The pictures remind me very much of Key West, with the bright colors and island flare. Your travels are inspiring me to set out on new adventures. Happy days!

  3. I enjoyed your comments on Tybee Island too. We had WONDERFUL seafood at Sting Rays. They had a patio which allowed canine visitors. We also thought it was a very lovely, peaceful place to be.

  4. What a pretty place for a getaway. Lucky you!

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