Maybe not the best time for learning to use a new camera?

Longwood Gardens, west of Philadelphia, is one of the premier gardens in the U.S.  The Gardens never disappoint and few places are more photogenic, and, yet, here we were with a new camera and not well oriented in how it works.

Flash back a few months.  Flying in to Paris after our vacation in Turkey the light and landscape were perfect for a few last vacation shots with our Canon G9.  Click.  Wait a minute!  What is that slight shadow on the photo?

Alas, the repair would be too costly.  Time to look into an alternative.  After a lot of research and even more angst, we settled on the new Sony DSC-RX100.

So far, so good, but it’s slow going.  There’s no manual (which was so useful with the Canon).  Now, fast forward to our Longwood Gardens visit.  Taking photos was a bit hit or miss.  Several times the video option was selected.  How did that happen?  Did I do that?! It’s a mystery.  In two months, we’ll take off on our cross country trip, and that will be the perfect time to learn how to use our new camera.  But, in the meantime….

Lots of photos were taken that day at Longwood and it was a worthwhile trip.  My guess is that, after learning to use the camera, we’ll have more consistency and a few more keepers.

The hallway to the bathrooms is a wall of green.

Have you wondered what happened to our old Canon G9?  It was an early birthday present for our 5-year old grandson, Luke, who shows a real interest – as well as skill – in photography.

October 2012

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5 Responses to Maybe not the best time for learning to use a new camera?

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Used to live nearby and Longwood is fantastic. Worth a revisit once the camera is second nature, no?

    • Yes, we will go back to Longwood Gardens, after our cross country road trip, after our one year traveling around the world, and after a few other trips. We’ll probably have another new camera by then!

  2. Once I was given a calendar from Longwood Gardens and the photography was so beautiful. It’s been a place on my go to list ever since.

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