We love you, but we need a separation

We could both see it coming, and we both held on to the last possible moment.

Twenty-two years.  We always knew deep down it wouldn’t last forever.  So now the time has come for us to leave.  It’s very sad.  There were so many good times.  Still, we have the future to think about, and it’s time.

232323232fp63582>nu=3333>:733>WSNRCG=38355:4735336nu0mrjAfter twenty-two years we’re leaving Washington, DC in just a few more days.  For a long time we’ve silently been checking off the hundreds of things we’ll miss.  We can’t begin to tell you how hard it is to leave friends and family.  You knew that.  So what else will we miss?

IMG_1980Washington is a welcoming place.  Not a lot of folks who live here were born here.  We love its diverse population, open, and for the most part, happy to be here.

IMG_0794We love the size and scale.  Parks and trees are plentiful.  It’s easy to walk or bike – and is not a high-rise kind of place.

IMG_5200Yes, government dominates, but one of the advantages for those of us living here is the Smithsonian museums (all free!), including the zoo.  The exhibits are endless. We’ve managed to attend many lectures and activities at both The Smithsonian and at the National Geographic.  That’s only two of dozens.

IMG_0007The metro is a great way to get around.  It has its moments, but we’ll remember fondly all the books and reading material consumed over 22 years riding those trains.

IMG_3902We are not blind to its problems, but for now let’s celebrate Washington.  We’ve loved it, but now the time has come to leave so that we can explore the rest of the world.  Will we ever return?  Never say never; we’ve already planned to come back for a visit in two years after we finish our around-the-world trip.

December 2012

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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3 Responses to We love you, but we need a separation

  1. baidanbi says:

    We too are spending this year out of DC. Although I love the city and living there, can’t say I miss it much. Too many great distractions. Looking forward to your future adventures. Bonne Route!

    • We have lived in several places — Bingham, ME, Cambridge, MA, Durham, NC, Dayton, OH, Ann Arbor, MI, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC among them — over the past 40 years, and we have enjoyed almost every one of them, but we haven’t gone back to live in any of those places. We expect to enjoy the next places, too. Hard for us to pick a favorite. Do you have a favorite?

  2. I am really looking forward to reading all your stories as you make your way around the world.

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