Can you believe this is how our 2-year trip started?

We plan ahead. No packing last minute.  So, for our two-year trip, we thought that we would put everything into the car the day before.  We knew that would take skill and time to cram pack the car with so many irregular spaces.  Who could have guessed that the day before our departure would be so cold and rainy? So, our plan went to hell.  We waited to pack the car.

We awoke early on departure day with the excitement of leaving.  The rain had stopped, replaced by a fierce wind.  Oh, yeah, we couldn’t leave yet; the car had to be packed.  Oh, thank you wind, for a little challenge to make life all the more of a headache interesting.  The major items all fit in as planned, and we threw everything else in — either on top of our backseat or stuffed in all those irregular car trunk spaces.  It really is a mess.  We’ll deal with it all later, maybe in Florida where the sun does shine and the temperatures are human friendly.

As we drove south of Washington, DC — the usual heavy traffic had become a very long parking lot.  A sign flashed over the highway warning of congestion.  It read, “20 miles in 62 minutes.”  We tried getting off I-95 to take a parallel road, but that road was worse.  Back on the interstate, traffic moved at a crawl.  The result:  our first 50 miles took 3 hours!

Carlsberg – Copenhagen, Denmark

As we “drove” those first three hours, Beth read aloud from a journal that she had kept of our 3-month family sabbatical trip to Europe in 1986.  By the time our car had taken us from Washington, DC to Fredericksburg, VA, our journal had taken us from Philadelphia to nine European countries! …and we didn’t even mind the bad traffic.

Pergamon Museum, East Berlin

Innsbruck, Austria

Gressoney, Italy

Monet’s Garden – Giverny, France

December 2012

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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4 Responses to Can you believe this is how our 2-year trip started?

  1. Jeannie Claypoole says:

    Joe and Beth…Sounds like a frustrating…no-challenging….no, NORMAL beginning of a trip. It means everything else will go well. Bon Voyage!!

  2. Very cool, love the idea of your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and sharing some love. I look forward to reading more about your travels.

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