An Unconventional Home

Everything about Beaufort, SC was unexpected – especially G and his house.  We were overwhelmed when we pulled up in front of a very large, traditional Southern home on the bay.  Did we have the right address?  Sure enough.  G gave us a warm greeting and showed us around.  Shall we take you with us?

We suspect you are anticipating a grand place befitting a house of 1815.  You would be partly correct, but G chose an approach that is not expected or safe.  He gave this very old house a fresh look that’s a little off-balance but just right, too.  When we toured the house we saw random and unexpected touches.  This new interpretation of a grand old house breathes new life back into the building.

Here are some of those touches…

Paint on the dining room was stripped to reveal the original wood, but, before G finished, he was advised to leave some of the original paint as it was.  So, the dining room is divided: half original wood, the other half original paint.  The look appeals to us, invites back to the early 19th century and then positions us into the 21st.

DSC00936We noted the formality of the drawing room as we walked in.  At first glance the floral arrangement appeared to be pussy willows.  But, no, the arrangement was cotton!  Perfectly fitting!

DSC00899As we turned to survey the rest of the drawing room we couldn’t miss the fish hanging on the wall.  It’s a very festive decoration for the season.

DSC00897DSC00898We’d never been in a first floor bathroom with a fireplace.  If you looked up, high on the fireplace wall was a small niche with a little smiling figurine.

DSC00932DSC00934Paintings hung all through the house, and the quirkiness of these two paintings hanging in the same house bridges from the old to the new.

Painting hung outside bedroom door

Painting hung outside bedroom door

Painting hung in breakfast room

Painting hung in breakfast room

We think the house is alive, interesting, and, like many an older person, tells its story well, both an historical chronicle and a tale of today.

January 2013

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