A stroll around town

We were raised in towns with newer houses and large, minimally landscaped lawns.  The effect was less than exciting.  That may answer why we love beautiful architecture and gardens.  Our stroll around Beaufort, SC was inspirational.  Meticulous care has been taken to maintain beautiful and historic buildings.  Gardens are enchanting and don’t get us started about the magnificent live oaks and Spanish moss.

Our friend, E, walked with us and shared stories of the houses and the people, almost as if we were still in the Civil War Era of the 1860’s.  Before the war, Beaufort had been a wealthy and important city on the South.  Union troops came by sea in 1861, occupying Beaufort, and freeing the slaves. Also, because of the Union occupation, most of the buildings were not destroyed in the war, and, so, much of Beaufort’s history echoes back to the Civil War and before.

It’s clear that E loves the place.  We listened to her stories of the town, as we took our photos and peeked through the garden gates.  Walking around these 19th century buildings and seeing these gardens excited in us a sense of history, exposed us to the beauty of another time, and elicited in us an appreciation of these restoration efforts.  These all come together in one place.


DSC00916 DSC00908 DSC00921 DSC00917January 2013

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6 Responses to A stroll around town

  1. Karen says:

    We have always loved Beaufort, this is where Jack and I meet. We go to Harbor Island at least once a year. We really enjoyed meeting you on the Hike this past weekend. Be safe and Have fun

    • Thanks for showing us the gopher tortoise hole, explaining that churned up ground (wild hogs), and giving us the local name, banana spider, of the Golden Orb Weaver — all that in less than a couple miles!

  2. Jeannie Claypoole says:

    Dale and I visited Beaufort on a trip that included Savannah and Charleston some time ago. We loved Beaufort as you did. We stayed in an historic B and B that was surrounded by other gorgeous homes. We can’t remember if this is the one pronounced Byew- furt or Bo- furt, since both towns exist in the south, each with its unique pronunciation! We love reading your blog.

    • We were told that Beaufort, SC is pronounced “Buford,” and Beaufort, NC is pronounced “Bow Fort,” but we are not experts and don’t know if that’s right.

      We imagine that, as a master gardener, you enjoyed the gardens in Beaufort, SC.

      Glad you are enjoying our blog.

  3. Beautiful photos! Looks like a place I visited in Georgia.

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