Should we be skeptical about this Trip Advisor rating?

We were in Savannah, GA for several days so naturally we consulted our favorite websites to find the best $$ restaurants in town.  Ranked at #4 with over 1,200 comments was Leopold’s Ice Cream. Is this serious?  Well, we are very enthusiastic ice cream and sorbet aficionados so this rating question would justify a stop on one of our long afternoon walks. Our ice cream and sorbet stop was, of course, for verification purposes only.

As you step in the shop you step back in time.  The parlor is old fashioned with a proper soda fountain.  Old movie posters, movie equipment and a jukebox by the little marble tables decorate Leopold’s.

We were advised that the best type of chocolate was the chocolate-raspberry ice cream.  We only wanted the best, for test purposes, of course.  As we sat at a table, a hostess – was she one of the family owners — served us water and let us know that, if the recommended ice cream wasn’t what we really wanted, then they’d be happy to give us another choice.  You’re kidding?!  Nobody does that!  What a great place.  In fact, the chocolate-raspberry ice cream was very rich and truffle-like. Really quite perfect.

DSC00990The older couple at the next table selected songs on the jukebox, and, when one hit after another from the 60’s played, they sang along quietly, happy in their little world. (Beth lip-synched the songs, too.)

DSC00991Well, it was that kind of place.  No, don’t be skeptical about that Trip Advisor rating.  Do stop at Leopold’s for a taste.

January 2013

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6 Responses to Should we be skeptical about this Trip Advisor rating?

  1. Leopold’s is the real deal. They make all of their own ice cream there, and the service is impeccable. Last year they were giving children that could recite the pledge of allegiance free ice cream. They’re a favorite of locals as well as the tourists.

    Those movie posters you saw on the wall were all movies Stratton Leopold produced.

  2. Thanks, We were also in Savannah recently. We also stopped at Leopold’s. I had also seen it on Trip Addvisor. Based on Trip Advisor and the hotel Concierge, we took a walking tour with Savannah Dan. He recommended that we ask for the Savannah Dan Chocolate Shake. It is made with chocolate ice cream. I opted for a plain chocolate shake and my husband got the Savannah Dan version. Both were great and they give you a small glass with the shake that doesn’t fit in the fountain glass, so you get a glass and a little extra.
    We also had lunch here and the food was good, although I can’t remember at the moment what we had.
    By the way the Savannah Dan walking tour was great. A very informative and entertaining two hours.

  3. Trip Advisor obviously gets played sometimes by owners and their employees to drum up business. It was nice to see a story that reinforces the ratings of a cool destination as legit. Nice story – for verification purposes only, of course.

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