Plantation ruins walk

We were in a motel room outside Palm Coast, FL and wanted to walk in the woods.  Crazy, you think.  How would you find a woods to hike in? Oh, computers are so handy for this type of search.  A few minutes later we checked out of the motel and were headed down the road for Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park.

The access road was one of those beautiful narrow lanes with overarching trees on either side.  We smiled with delight.  That narrow lane promised us a great hike!  And it was.

DSC01121What did we see?  The vegetation included live oak, magnolia, loblolly pine, palm, and sawtooth palmetto.  Birds were heard but not seen.  Lizards darted here and there.  We saw one enormous golden orb weaver (also called banana spider), the largest non-tarantula spider.  That was pretty exciting.

DSC01109After walking some miles, hikers Karen and Jack, from Orlando, caught up to us on the path.  We hiked together as they shared their knowledge of hiking in the area.  We would never have known those many dug up areas on the path were caused by wild hogs searching for food or that the big hole under the log was a gopher tortoise’s nest.

DSC01113Our walk in the woods revealed beauty and delivered new discoveries. It was a simple but rewarding way to spend a January afternoon.

January 2013

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3 Responses to Plantation ruins walk

  1. I love your title. When I read it in my email I was wondering how could a plantation ruin a walk…now I understand!

  2. mikenmilo says:

    Loved the picture of the path, but the spider made me cringe! Beautiful shots

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