Our #1 favorite activity in Key West

Our choice is due to a biased ranking, of course.  We admit it.  To hold you in suspense for a moment, we’ll tell you our #2 favorite activity: strolling through the historic area and looking at the quaint homes, particularly “conch houses” and gardens.  The historic architecture of Key West’s old, well-maintained neighborhoods hold up well compared with the other cities we’ve just visited – Beaufort, SC and Savannah, GA.  (But don’t even ask our opinion of Key West’s popular and famous honky-tonk areas.)


Drum roll, please.  Our #1 favorite activity: watching a slideshow in our friend’s living room of her recent safari trip to Tanzania.  You didn’t guess that, did you?  No, but we affirm that it’s true.

An old college friend, whom we’d not seen in too many years, lives in Key West.  We arranged to meet at her house.  Within minutes of the “you look great” and “what have you been doing all these years” conversation, it came out that she and her partner went on a safari to Tanzania two months ago.  What a coincidence, since we’ll be going on a safari ourselves next year.  Would we like to see their photos?  You betcha!  We loved it – and the stories that went with them.

As we drove out of Key West at sunset, we were still discussing their safari and how much we’re looking forward to our own in June 2014.

January 2013

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One Response to Our #1 favorite activity in Key West

  1. I always think that armchair travel is the next best thing to actually travelling. It’s such fun to share the experiences of others. That’s why I love your blog.

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