Appreciation Day

How many of you watched President Obama’s inauguration at noon and then visited Everglades National Park that afternoon?

We declared it our “Federal Government Appreciation Day”.  There’s so much our Federal Government should and could be doing (don’t get us started!), but today we wanted to celebrate the President’s new term, Martin Luther King, Jr holiday, and the wonderful national park system.

We watched coverage of the Inauguration on TV from our motel room in Miami, FL.  The Vice President was sworn in, and then we raced down to checkout by noon.  The hotel employees were watching TV in the lobby, and we all watched together as the President was sworn in.  Hurrah! Then we checked out.

We drove due west on Tamiami Trail with a stop at Everglades National Park.  We only had an hour in the park, if we were to make it to our next campsite by dusk and before that Ranger station closed.  Here’s what we saw on a little path near the visitor center:

DSC01392DSC01394 DSC01420 DSC01431 DSC01435

The Federal Government did not let us down.  It had been a tremendous holiday.

January 2013

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2 Responses to Appreciation Day

  1. Jeannie Claypoole says:

    Ah, yes. It wasn’t long ago that we were on the Tamiani Trail and saw what you saw, possibly minus the turtle. Those were great pictures, and your recent sunset from the dock was wonderful.
    I’ll be on a trip jyself in a few days–headed into the maelstrom of the middle east….Jordan and Egypt. Oh lordy. Wish me luck!

    • You are headed to one of my (Joe) favorite places, the Middle East. Of course, for people who live there it’s not “middle;” it’s the “center.” We look forward to your trip photos a narrative. You’ll love it.

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