Mouthwatering and mighty tasty

Celebrate good food when you find it on a road trip.  This is a blog about three unexpected culinary experiences in southern Florida.

We drove to where the road ends (literally) at the northern tip of Pine Island.  Beautiful views of a an old fishing pier and the Gulf of Mexico were right in front of us.  Time for a picnic!  We had our lunch but were stymied by the many signs posted “No Parking – Customers Only” for the ramshackle restaurant nearby, Cap’n Con’s. We figured we’d pop in and buy a drink which would qualify us as customers and claim a spot in the parking lot.  As we waited for takeout drinks we spied a board with a list of pies.  Oh, my!  The best pie we’ve tasted in a long time was the mouthwatering berry pie, as we sat picnicking by the blue waters of the Gulf.


No one expects a cafe in a state or national park to serve food worth savoring or writing about.  We were having a cool drink in the Myakka State Park cafe and logging on to email in the late afternoon.  An older couple sat at the other end of the picnic table with their food trays.  We were concentrating on our email but kept overhearing them comment on their grouper sandwich trays. “Delicious”…”The potatoes are remarkable.”… “Homemade”  That did it.  We were back the next day to try the grouper sandwiches and homemade potato chips ourselves and found they were as good as the couple had said.  Bravo, Myakka!


When we erected our little tent at the campsite, the neighboring couple greeted us.  And when they started a nice fire in the pit and invited us to come over and join them, we couldn’t resist. Conversation flourished as the smoke chased away the mosquitoes in the early evening. There were no marshmallows but we had something better to share:  lovely dark chocolate which we melted over the fire and dipped strawberries in.  The chocolate was a Christmas gift from our daughter and saved for the perfect occasion.  We couldn’t imagine a better place or time for such a luscious treat.


February 2013

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4 Responses to Mouthwatering and mighty tasty

  1. Dale Claypoole says:

    I’m on the way. I hope the directions are from Beth. Rumor has it that Joe is a bit “directionally challenged”.

  2. Dale Claypoole says:

    Please send directions to the pie place–we’ll be right down.

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