Migration South

Ever go on a vacation so good that you’re inspired to make a move to continue living the good life? Our friends Warren and Ethel did.  Now, they spend summers in New England and migrate with the birds to FL for the winter.

It was 1970 when we met in northern Maine where we all spent a very cold and snowy year together.  Now, many years later, we are together again in the winter, but this time we are all tan, wearing short sleeves, and wonderfully warm.


We enjoyed a perfect Florida day: 79 degrees, mostly sunny, light breezes.  We took off for a little driving trip through the nearby Keys, stopped long enough to walk through the fine sand at Lido Beach and through a wooded path on Longboat Key, and finally walked into the Rod & Reel Pier at Anna Maria Key for a late lunch.

First impression? A modest pier with little restaurant perched on top like a big birdhouse, surrounded by a vast expanse of blue, blue sea. We were drawn down the pier observing the brown pelicans swimming and people fishing.




The dining room was small and painted blue, with windows all around.  We relaxed over a good seafood lunch and reminisced with our friends as we gazed out the window at the blue sea.  We had accumulated many stories to tell each other since those cold days in Maine.

February 2013

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3 Responses to Migration South

  1. Now that’s my kind of Winter!

  2. jealous! So jealous! =)

  3. We did the same! Just a few miles north on the same coast and staying here most of the time.

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