Six Days without a Plan

Want a vacation where you lounge in the sun by the ocean reading a book; pedal a bike over causeways to explore nearby islands; fish on a pier; kayak to a deserted island; eat lots of fresh seafood; watch pelicans and herons do their own fishing; go to bed early and get up late?  If you say, “YES!” then you may want to consider Cedar Key, FL.  However, we need to warn you that less is more at Cedar Key, so be forewarned: no chain stores – and for that matter – very little shopping and only a handful of restaurants; no glitzy, hi-rise hotels; no movie theatres. You get a very small town that looks like it hasn’t changed in the last 50 years.  Still interested?

You’ll drive a long way to reach Cedar Key, FL.  It’s on the Gulf of Mexico, at the end of a back road that is midway between the Florida Panhandle and Tampa.  The long drive gives you time to drop your cares and worries mile after mile, leaving behind the non-essential.  We spent six very relaxed days at Cedar Key without a plan.  When we felt inspired, we read or kayaked or bicycled or walked.  We lounged around a lot.  It’s easy to do – especially with so few distractions.

For those who love a charming place with nothing much to do, Cedar Key is pretty wonderful.  The folks at Faraway Inn made us feel comfortable and at home.

Photos illustrating nothing much to do:


This greater than life-size statue of “The Big Fisherman” was created and donated by Chick and Marsha Schwartz with help from their friends.  He’s reeling in a fish outside the artists’ co-op store.


Biking the backroads offers opportunities to stop and snap a photo.


One of the best events of the day, if you have nothing much to do, is to walk out on the pier and watch the sun go down.

To be continued…

February 2013

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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2 Responses to Six Days without a Plan

  1. No shops, nothing to do but read, eat and relax. It sounds like heaven to me…

  2. baidanbi says:

    Sounds like heaven, especially after a week of cold and crowds!

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