Is there such a thing as too much fried food?

We LOVE fried food but discovered that even we have our limits. Six days of dining in Cedar Key, Florida restaurants left us craving other-than-fried food.  We wanted fresh vegetables (no overcooked zucchini, please).  Was it possible to have a salad that hadn’t been sitting in a refrigerator and chilled to a point where the tomato had turned mushy?  The menu options were almost all fried seafood and French fries, although a variation of having sweet potato fries was also available for an extra charge — well worth it, too.  Forgot to mention that fried green beans were also listed as appetizers.

Bright spot to the week:  The Island Pizzeria.  Surprised?  We walked up the road fully expecting a nice little dining room and were surprised to discover a little one-room kitchen.  The pizza was takeout only.  So, we placed our order: one small Veggie and one small Oysters Rockefeller (without the bacon).  We chatted with the owner while we waited.  She said they have followed Chef Gordon Ramsey’s dictum to keep it simple and use the best ingredients.  As we carried the pizza back to our room at the Inn, mouthwatering aromas caused our pace to quicken.  The pizza was magnificent!  We absolutely loved it.  The next day’s leftovers were ever better.  We’re not sure we’ve ever had better pizza.

Honorable mention: Ken’s Cedar Keyside Diner is a cozy, 2nd floor café with a wide view of the ocean.  Their greatest asset?  Ken’s staff provided good service and that was refreshing.  The food was pretty good too.


Highest expectationTony’s Seafood Restaurant.  The best clam chowder in the US for three years running is at Tony’s from Cedar Key, Florida – not New England.  We couldn’t wait to try it.  Our verdict:  Well, it was good, but (in my opinion) not great.  Everything else at Tony’s was either really good (fried shrimp sandwich) or really bad (salads).


Worst moment of the weekSteamers Clam Bar and Grill.  The service was so bad we walked out 15 minutes after ordering drinks and not getting them nor a chance to order food.  How long might we have waited to eat?  The night wasn’t that long.

Favorite dishEat at Pat’s had the most scrumptious breakfast potatoes ever!  They were good sized, perfectly cooked with just the right crispiness, and a worthy companion for our eggs.

February 2013

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3 Responses to Is there such a thing as too much fried food?

  1. VivianaAyre says:

    I always find myself craving salads do hard after a long span of eating to high a percentage of meats and bread. I find it funny that my body has a built in health alert.

  2. Cheryl Wade says:

    It is wonderful to travel vicariously with you! Thanks for charing with your friends!

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