Unfamiliar places

Slept in Alabama. Had lunch in Mississippi.  Sat down to dinner in Louisiana.

Not only did we travel across three states, but our stops along the way transported us to unfamiliar, really alien, places.  How unfamiliar? Read on.

DSC02298First up: Bass Pro Shops/Outdoor World.  We admit we’ve not done much shopping on this trip.  We don’t aspire to shop, but cold and windy weather for the umpteenth day made shopping indoors appealing. When we saw the huge Bass Pro megastore near our exit, we thought maybe it would be a warm and sheltered place to browse while we walked inside. And had to admit to some curiosity.

So, we went indoors to walk, and we gotta tell you – this was a whale of a store! (OK, we’ve led a sheltered life having never been in a Bass ProShop before.) We pulled on the metal, alligator- shaped door handles and stepped into the store.  Gasp!  The look was Adirondack lodge with accents of camo.  Wood paneling, clubby leather furniture, massive stone fireplace and stuffed animal heads – hell, whole animals, too – graced the store.

DSC02299We were ready to warm up in front of the fireplace and just sit down to relax.  Straight ahead the store’s massive display space was large enough to plunge in for a good stroll.  We passed life-sized ornamental deer, camouflage clothing, kids’ rifles.  We wandered through the camping area and picked up a few nonessential items, e.g. tablecloth clamps.  Next up were the fishing and hunting departments.  We don’t do either and had no idea just how many things you can buy to engage in these sports.  The fishing department had a one-story waterfall with real fish in the tank – big fish. Most of the kids in the store were firing electronic rifles in a shooting gallery with little wooden animal targets in the faux forest.

DSC02301As we rounded a corner to avoid the kids behind those rifles, we discovered a kiosk of binoculars.  Yes! Now here was a product that we could get behind.  We had thoroughly researched binoculars since we needed to upgrade from our little pair.  We had no idea when we would ever be able to hold in our hands and look through the two models we had decided to try.  Bass Pro had both, and the salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful.  We tried both models. We made our decision. Sold! We left Bass Pro as satisfied customers.

Next stop down the road was lunch.  We used TripAdvisor to find the best restaurant in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  Bozo’s Seafood Market & Deli was listed at the #1 spot.  We were convinced by one comment that said it was worth getting off the highway for their tasty food.

DSC02312Pascagoula is an industrial town and it looks it near the Gulf coast.  We kept expecting to drive into a more upscale urban part of town when, all of a sudden, Bozo’s appeared.  It didn’t look like a place to eat. The good sign was a full parking lot.  It’s really more of a market with some tables and bar stools to the side if you want to eat-in.

DSC02307No wait people. No table service. A line in the back where you place your order over piles of seafood.  A line in front to pay before your meal is cooked.  Then a return to the back to wait for your food.  We selected a suitable dish for us to share:  1 pound of shrimp, 2 pieces of corn, 2 potatoes for $9.99.  Several minutes later, we were on the stools, roll of paper towels at hand, peeling those spicy shrimp with melted butter coating our fingers.  Very nice and tasty! Very simple.

DSC02311To sum up, we had a most unusual day finding and experiencing the unfamiliar.

March 2013

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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3 Responses to Unfamiliar places

  1. Pat Bean says:

    Unfamiliar is good.

  2. Isn’t Tripadvisor the best resource! There’s nothing like advice from a local. Your lunch sounded delicious.

  3. Gretchen Hall says:

    Welome to the south honey bun. xxGretchen

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