A Day with Three Scenes

When you visit a big city you think you know what it will be like: brace yourself for crowds, gritty streets, fast-paced action.   What did we find our first day when we visited Houston, Texas?

 Scene 1: The Japanese Garden was quiet and serene, perfectly landscaped with bushes, trees, rocks and water elements.   We walked slowly to view the many facets of the garden, including birds, turtles, and rabbits.



Scene 2:  Hermann Park is a 445-acre green space in Houston’s museum district.  We joined many others strolling the paths around the pond.  If you enjoy observing people and birds, this park will hold your interest.  Couples were deep in conversation as they walked by; children played at the water’s edge; singles walked their dogs on long leashes.  Birds own the park and know it; they’re not worried about the presence of people in their park.  Only one mother duck with her little chicks preferred to stay at a discreet distance.


Scene 3:  As we walked toward The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston we realized some clever people had left markers to point our way forward. We approached the button to push for the “walk” light at an intersection that is (obviously) close to the Museum.   We laughed to see the little colorful “MFAH” adhesive circles visitors wear when visiting the museum had been removed after the visit and placed as decoration on the light pole.   A spontaneous art installation!


The day turned out to be peaceful and gracefully paced.  Could we really be in the fourth largest city in the US?

March 2013

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  1. Japanese Gardens are always so beautiful and tranquil.

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