Friends asked where we were going on our cross-country trip.  We ticked off the place names, “Atlanta…Beaufort, SC…Key West…” They smiled and nodded with enthusiasm. When we came to “Houston,” their smiles turned to frowns, and they would ask, “Why are you going there?” Aghast that we planned to stay for three days, they advised a change of plans.

We didn’t change our plan.  We kept Houston in our itinerary, and, frankly, we’re glad that we did. We parked our car in the garage of our hosts’ condo.  We walked everywhere. We visited Houston’s important museums, dined well in its restaurants; strolled through its parks; and toured the beautiful campus of well-regarded Rice University.


Rice University

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston city street

Houston city street

Our time in the Museum District was richly rewarding, and we’d definitely recommend a visit. So, what’s not to like?

A week later, we had lunch outside at a little café in Wimberley, TX. We saw a sign that hung on the fence of the café with other tin signs about beer. One sign caught our attention; it wasn’t about beer:

DSC02751 Right after we laughed and took a photo of the sign, two young women came over to the sign, taking turns to pose. We asked did they agree with the sign.  No, they said.  They live in Houston and love it.  They, too, couldn’t understand what the negative buzz on Houston was about.

Maybe you can explain?

March 2013

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3 Responses to Wrong…Wrong…Wrong

  1. Harbin77 says:

    I do not know what the buzz is a bout either. My only complaint about Houston is there early and late afternoon traffic other than that I enjoy it when I go visit my kids..

    • We know what you mean about that traffic, but, having lived in Washington, DC, with the worst commuter traffic, we can’t complain about Houston.

      • Harbin77 says:

        We live in the Texas Panhandle in a town with about 200,000 and so our traffic is not bad. We are taking a bus tour to Washington DC next month so I guess I will see what the traffic is like but at least I will not have to drive in it.. Have a blessed day

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