Local color shopping

We confess.  A relaxing and recreational activity for us is shopping of a certain type. Not all shopping will do.  We eschew shopping centers, chain stores, and malls – when we can.  We have a standard for shopping, and, when it’s met, we’re ready to go.  So, after a quick drive through Wimberley, TX, we decided this was a town worthy of our further attention.

Why?  Wimberley’s shopping area is composed of small, old buildings.  These relics of the old west are brightly painted and decorated.  They cluster along the riverbank and the main road. Each shop is different, and none are chain stores.  The customer can easily park and meander.  Great old, liveoak trees provide shade.  If only we had more shopping areas like this across the country!  Our cousin, Linda, guided us as we toured some of her favorite shops, and many wonderful pieces caught our eye.






We wish developers would check out the little Wimberley shopping area before they totally clear any more local color lots to put up same-old strips of large chain stores in every corner of the country.  Just our opinion…

March 2013

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3 Responses to Local color shopping

  1. Stores like this are so much cooler than the big chain stores in my opinion too!

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