A color statement

We viewed slight variations in the lovely landscape, a soothing rhythm as we drove in the afternoon sun through southern Arizona. We were jolted to reality when a massive hole in the earth appeared – a copper open-pit mine. The mine area startled us for another reason – the rock colors are so vibrant.


Mining around the town of Bisbee was active for almost 100 years until 1975, when the Queen Mine was shut down.  Goodbye, boomtimes.  Now visitors can tour the mine, and Bisbee has managed to flourish despite the enormous environmental and economic setbacks.

The historic town has been lovingly restored and is known for its many galleries and shops.  We had a pleasant afternoon stroll there, popping into a framing shop (where we bought a lovely little painting to be given as a gift), window shopping (loved the canoe made of wine corks), climbing the hills and descending the many steps, in an attempt to explore all the nooks and crannies of Bisbee.

DSC03551DSC03554 The town is quirky, and we found the architecture and public art exceptional for a town this size.  Above all, we loved colorful Bisbee, a town worth checking out.


April 2013

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  1. Wow, those colors are amazing!

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