The inevitable crossed paths

Our paths were meant to cross.  This spring, we’ve been driving, from east to west, across the southern rim of the US, and, during this season, many birds have been migrating, from south to north.  At some point, our paths would cross in a big way.

How did we make the connection?  Back in January a fellow camper in Key West had left an issue of the Audubon Society’s magazine out for recycling.  We snatched it up and read with interest an article about birds migrating through southern Arizona in April.  We looked at our itinerary.  A MATCH!  We googled good places for seeing birds, and the name Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast popped up.  After a budget check we booked 2 nights.


DSC03680Casa de San Pedro is on the San Pedro River.  The owners, Karl and Patrick, have done a terrific job in making their guests’ stay a memorable experience.  The Casa offers many choices.  For example, where to sit?  Hard to decide between the comfortable and cool living room with a variety of books to read or the outside patio to watch hummingbirds at the feeders?  Hungry in the afternoon?  Have a piece of homemade pie in the dining room.  Coconut-lime buttermilk or pecan or a berry pie?  Take a stroll along the river.  Chat with other guests over breakfast.  We would have been very happy to stay here longer than our two days.

Broad billed hummingbird at Casa San Pedro, AZ


We signed up for a morning bird walk on the river with the experts at SABO (Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory).  A group from the Casa met at 6:30am, after an early pre-breakfast.  We didn’t walk far.  So many different birds gathered right there at the start for us to see, and our superb guides, Sheri Williamson and Tom Woods, enthusiastically described the birds we were seeing.  Our favorite sighting was a male and female kestrel preparing a nest in the hole of a tree.

We don’t think you’d need to be a bird watcher to fully enjoy and appreciate a visit to Casa de San Pedro.  Our crossing of paths with the migrating birds there was a truly memorable visit for us. …to be continued

April 2013

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4 Responses to The inevitable crossed paths

  1. daniellajoe says:

    Nice rustic look!!! So inviting 🙂

  2. Dale Claypoole says:

    Lovely, lovely place and story but on to the important stuff….the pie. From the picture it looks like Joe had his piece of pie but Beth must not have had any yet? It looks delicious.

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