Banding Hummingbirds

DSC03625Ever see a hummingbird given a check-up and banded?  The opportunity presented itself while we were staying at Casa de San Pedro in Hereford, Arizona.  Members of SABO (Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory) were “banding” hummingbirds. Yes, placing the teeny-weeny numbered bands on humming bird legs!  We eagerly joined them, observing all the steps:

Catching the hummingbirds with a net over the feeder


Each bird is placed in a little net bag awaiting the check-in


Never was sure what she was doing here.  Taking a photo?  Looking at the beak with the magnification of the camera?


Measuring the beak


Measuring the tail


Getting the band


Placing the band on the bird


The bird wrapped in a light screening material, then clipped to a little scale for weighing


The fat calculated and a straw used to blow on the neck feathers revealing any parasites


Checking the tail feathers


Reward drinking at the feeder


At the end, the bird is placed in a hand and allowed to fly away

Thanks to Sheri Williamson, of SABO, for a truly memorable experience.

April 2013

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2 Responses to Banding Hummingbirds

  1. Louise Millikan says:

    Bird banding is so cool. Because I was staying with Park employees at Carlsbad, I got to spend an evening banding cave swallows…oh so cool. Lucky you all! xxxxx

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