A few days in southern AZ

We stopped at a café with a wonderful waitress in Sonoita, AZ.  A “welcome” sign hanging on the porch got us thinking.  What does “welcome” mean in Arizona?  The many border crossings we went through and the number of Border Patrol cars we saw certainly didn’t call out “welcome” to us.



We drove on to busy, urban Tucson to visit with family.  We had covered many miles since we’ve been in a city of any size, and we had some plans.  First up, we went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  The butterfly exhibit was good, the model train was captivating, and the miniature cactuses were delightful.  The last area we explored was the winner: a special exhibit of four design groups showing what each would do in a small space for a desert garden. Good design inspires, and we were inspired by the wonderful spaces each created.



The delightfully named baseball cactus


The “Grown Down” garden designed by Janis and Phil Van Wyck, Van Wyck Projects

Next on our list, we dined at Cafe Poca Cosa with our brother and sister-in-law.  The chef knows how to use fresh ingredients to create very tasty dishes.  Bravo!  And best yet, our friend, Geary, had given us a gift certificate, so we were treated to a very nice meal.

Our family group – ages 3 to 68 — took a daytrip, stopping first at Madera Canyon.  We followed a long, climbing dirt road before we discovered we’d taken a wrong turn!  Backtracked and finally found the canyon, but the sun was getting high and folks were a bit tired before we started our hike.  Early on we met hikers who reported with glee having seen a trogon ahead on the trail.  How exciting?  (What’s a trogon?   A brightly colored bird only seen in the US in a small desert area with just the right altitude.)   Word came back about more trogon sightings.  We hiked on as other family members peeled off, one by one, left behind to wait for the diminishing group’s return. Finally, success for three in our group who saw a trogon!

Lunch in Tubac, AZ was a celebration for the hikers.  Restored, the group headed off to explore the quaint town.  Gift and art shops line the streets, and we turned it into a seeking “adventure” game for the 3-yr old of the group.  Her verdict:  Tubac was a lot of fun.


April 2013

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