Owner-built from recycled materials

We could hardly wait to get to Flagstaff, AZ to stay in “The Contemporary Mining Camp” house, which we’d booked for the night through AirBnB.  We expected something small, a bit on the rough side, simply designed.

The house is north of town, and, as we drove down the road, we spied herds of deer in a large meadow – a lovely setting for any house.  When we arrived at the mining camp house, we discovered that we were wrong on all counts.  The house is much larger than we’d expected, beautifully finished, and simply elegant in design and materials.  Check it out for yourself in these photos and in their listing on AirBnB.

DSC04149DSC04138 DSC04153 DSC04164




Kari and Jeff were the builders and our hosts, along with Miles and Lily, their kids.  They’re a charming and adventurous family, who also happen to be extremely talented.  Their eye for design and their building skills are remarkable.  How else can you possibly explain such an amazing finished product?


We tumbled into bed late that night, still excited to be in such a fantastic house.  The window in our bedroom framed the moon and a full array of stars.  When we peeked out the bedroom door down the dark hallway, at the very end an illuminated human figure stood “listening” through headphones and held up by strings like a marionette.  Ahh, the magical touches of the mining camp house!

April 2013

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3 Responses to Owner-built from recycled materials

  1. You picked a winner! We are using AirBnB to book all our accommodation on our next trip to Europe. I hope they’re all as nice as yours.

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