Two little girls and the perfect souvenir

When our little girl was 5 years old, she saved her allowance for months to have money to spend on our 3-wk camping trip to Southwestern U.S.   She was judicious and ignored the usual souvenirs.  (Precocious, even at that age.)  She waited, and, when we walked through the Santa Fe Indian Market, she knew what she wanted to buy: a turquoise ring.  She shopped and shopped, dragging the family behind in her wake.  Designs and prices were compared.  Finally, she made her decision and bought a little silver and turquoise ring for $5.  She loved that ring and wore it for several years until it went missing.

Now our little girl is grown up and a mom with her own 6 year old daughter. We were strolling through an Indian market in Arizona and memories flooded back of that search for a ring in Santa Fe years ago.  Then it occurred to us that just maybe our granddaughter would also like a turquoise ring. The hunt was on.  Finally, after many stops, luck was with us, and we found it, a ring very like the one her mother bought 30 years ago.


April 2013

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3 Responses to Two little girls and the perfect souvenir

  1. Did you buy another one for your daughter as well?

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