Seaside dining accompanied by music

“Tuckered out.” That’s what we were, when we checked in to our lovely AirBnB in San Luis Obispo.  We wanted nothing more than to settle into our charming room…but hunger nagged us into getting up and going out for a bite to eat.  Anne, our charming host, wisely suggested that we drive over to Avila Beach for their Friday night Farmers Market.  We did.

Avila Beach, a quaint seaside town, set up its Friday night Farmers Market on the avenue by the sea.  What a scene!  A huge and happy crowd was already there, and we joined in as the crowd flowed along, checking out all the food stands.  Join us for a view:

DSC04355 DSC04344DSC04346 DSC04353The decision for where to eat was simple.  We headed for the food truck with the longest line.  Our strategy worked.  The lobster taco was excellent!

DSC04342We couldn’t resist the roasted corn.  You could choose butter, salt, chili powder, or Parmesan cheese for toppings.  Yummy!


How about fruit carved and served on a stick?

DSC04347As the sun went down, the volume of the music went up.  The crowd divided itself:  Listeners sat on the beach wall, Movers danced on the plaza, and Diners continued to eat their way through the stalls on the market street.

DSC04349So, if you’re ever in the Avila Beach neighborhood on a Friday night, take Anne’s advice for a tasty dinner with some music at the Farmers Market.

April 2013

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1 Response to Seaside dining accompanied by music

  1. What a difficult decision you had to make! I would have the churros for dessert. yum yum

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