Start to relax

Looking for a way to reduce your stress? Go outside and walk through a park.  Seriously.  Maybe one of our best and most relaxing walks was in Point Lobos State Reserve on the California coast.

Imagine sunny California, not too hot, with the pounding Pacific surf.  The waves crash on the rocks sending sprays up ten and twenty feet.


The ocean is a swirl of blues and whites.


Elephant seals are swimming just off the shore.  Add to that a great variety of enchanting wildflowers and huge gnarled cypress trees.


Placid tidal pools dot the massive rocks.


The only sounds you hear are waves crashing and birds calling to each other.  Where are the birds?  Some are nested on the rock cliffs, but only quiet observation will help you find them.


Look in the center of the photo at the white area of the rock wall. Do you see it?

DSC04401 - Version 2

We magnified that tiny speck on the photo to show you what was in clear sight, yet hidden: a cormorant roosting.

We were on a hike but covered very little distance. We found too much to see and enjoy in the later afternoon sun.  Taking photos just added to our pleasure.

We should mention that Point Lobos sits just south of Carmel, a quaint little town.  In the evening we stayed with Iris in her AirBnB room and dined at the tasty Sea Harvest Fish Market nearby.

A scenic and very relaxed kind of day …

April 2014

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3 Responses to Start to relax

  1. tara30aren07 says:

    We really enjoy your photos and story telling so we wanted to pass along this Liebster Award to you. Keep up the good work 🙂 Maybe one day we will be able to make it to California! Looks beautiful 🙂

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