Travel etiquette: did you miss this one?

We’ve been very lucky to travel – and we know it.  We started traveling on a shoestring many years ago. Even in those days, when we could barely afford the least expensive motel room, we always left a tip for the housekeeping staff (in the US or any other country where we traveled and the practice of tipping is accepted).  We did it then, and we do it now.  A few weeks ago a housekeeping woman raced over to thank us for leaving a tip.  She said she rarely gets tipped.  Really?!  What could possibly be anyone’s excuse for not tipping?

I can’t afford it. This is the lamest excuse of all. If you could afford the room, you can afford to tip.  The cleaning staff should not be expected to contribute their expected tip to your trip fund.

My parents never told me.  There were a lot of things your parents didn’t tell you – like sex?  That hasn’t stopped you.

I don’t believe in tipping.  In the best of worlds we’d go for this too, but we live in a society where too often service staff are grossly underpaid with the expectation that their tips will bring their earnings up to a livable wage.  Do you tip the wait staff in a restaurant?  Then why not hotel housekeeping staff?

I didn’t know.  OK, but now you do know, and you can engage in the joy of tipping from now on.

Maybe it’s just us, but it seems to us that traveling responsibly includes tips along the way for those making your bed. Human kindness works both ways. Right?









May 2013

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12 Responses to Travel etiquette: did you miss this one?

  1. gardner310 says:

    I work on a cruise ship and have a hard time tolerating those who delete the tips saying that the cruise line should pay the staff a better so they don’t need tips. They have no idea how it works. Just because you may not tip at home, when you are not at home you should be following the local customs, including tipping.

  2. satsumaart says:

    Oooh, where is that in Iceland?

  3. icelandpenny says:

    Good for you, a very gentle reminder to us all, to be kind and helpful (and yes, that can include handing over some extra money)

  4. Kathy O'Shaughnessy says:

    Family greetings from CT! George and I are following your adventures and enjoying your commentary. Love the pics and regarding tips, we wholeheartedly agree!

  5. Louise Millikan says:

    YES YES YES!!! May this word spread widely and wuickly! xxx

  6. I was working out of town earlier this year and staying in the same hotel two or three nights a week for three months. I always left a tip for housekeeping. When I finished my stint, I gave a card and tip to both the night and morning desk clerks. I appreciated that they remembered me each week and knew what room I preferred. They both made a point of thanking me.

  7. Dale Claypoole says:

    We especially appreciated Joe’s tips when he stayed here last summer….wine.

  8. Gretchen Hall says:

    Couldn’t agree more. It is just right!!

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