Going our separate ways

We do a lot together.  In fact, on this trip we’ve been together almost every minute of every day for the last 5 months.  Our friend, Gretchen, wrote and asked just how that was going. To our surprise – not bad!

Arriving in California for visiting family, finally, after 132 days, provided an occasion for us to go our separate ways.  Joe went to a SF Giants – Philadelphia Phillies baseball game in the AT&T Stadium with our son-in-law and Beth’s brother and his wife.  Beth was happy to stay home, while Joe, Ian, Tom, and Barbara hopped a train to San Francisco.

The stadium is on the water, and their seats provided prime viewing, not just for the game but watercraft on the Bay as well.  Garlic fries made a big hit with them.  How was the game?  Pretty exciting! The SF home team pulled ahead in the 10th inning and won the game.


IMG_5463We found another occasion to go our separate ways.  Our daughter discovered that Sunset Magazine (which Beth has been reading for years) was having their Sunset Celebration Weekend and wanted to go.  For anyone with interests in gardening, fine food, home decoration, and camping: this was the place to be.


Booths were everywhere. Many were for traveling to exotic places like Ventura and Oregon and Alaska. We entered our name to win vacations at all of them. Some booths featured home or garden products. We couldn’t resist buying some succulents.


The model kitchen featured a built in couch. We imagined how we could plop down and read while waiting for the water to come to a boil.


Safeway presented ideas for affordable entertaining. These were certainly appealing.


Erin Hiemstra, of Apartment34.com, talked about how she uses Pinterest as a design tool.

And where was Joe, while the women were at the Sunset Celebration?  Riding a scooter in the Emma Prush Farm Park with our two grandsons, 6 and 3.

June 2013

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