Gold Medals for US Travel Are Awarded To…

Years of observation and our 4-month cross-country road trip confirm our winners.  Our trip was so much better for their presence.  We used them as an educational resource; counted on their reliability; enjoyed their comfort and beauty.  The gold medal prize-winners are…(drum roll please!)…US National Parks and public libraries.

National Parks are always rewarding, and we’ve visited almost 30 over the years.  On our recent cross-country trip, we visited the Everglades, Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains, and Carlsbad Caverns.  We count on visits to the Parks for beautiful scenery, learning opportunities, good hiking, and more. We feel privileged to visit them.  Like many others, we regret that resources are being cut from the Parks.   It now shows.  What a shame!


Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Everglades National Park

We sought out libraries in such diverse places as Naples, FL; Marfa, TX; Flagstaff, AZ; and Whittier, CA.  When traveling, libraries were always a pleasant place to sit and relax while quietly reading and using a computer.  The amazing thing is: we didn’t even need to buy a cup of coffee to use the wifi.


Public libraries and National Parks are amazing gems and should be celebrated.  We love them, use them, and want to see them strengthened.

June 2013

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2 Responses to Gold Medals for US Travel Are Awarded To…

  1. says:

    Great message! I wonder if a travel magazine or web site might take/publish a letter from you on this ‘award” idea.


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