When we opened our car trunk, we saw our iPad flash by as it dropped too quickly and, with a tremendous thud, hit the ground.  We were paralyzed.  Fearful to pick it up and find it had been broken.  Our iPad had been secured in a Dodocase.  We carefully picked it up and discovered our Dodocase cover was cracked at two corners, but it had protected our iPad, which survived its fall intact.  The Dodocase had done its job.

We’d spent a long time researching and selecting that case.  We wanted a case that looked like a book or journal and not a valuable electronic device.  Dodocases are handmade and well-designed.  Ours was, quite simply, perfect for our traveling needs. Now we’d need to repair or replace it.

Fast forward a week:  We drove into San Francisco to visit the Museum of Craft and Design.  As we walked towards the Museum, we noticed a gray metal factory door. The little oval sign on the door said, “Dodocase”!  We couldn’t believe our eyes!  The building appeared to us to be a big warehouse.  We didn’t see a store nearby, so we stood on the street, googled their 800 number on Joe’s iPhone, and called Dodocase.  We explained the story of our cracked iPad case and said, “We’re standing outside your door.”  The pleasant woman on the phone said, “Well, just come on in.  The door’s unlocked.”

DSC04733We tentatively pulled the heavy metal door, and, yes, it did open to an airy, well -lighted work area and warehouse.  Just what we would have expected of Dodocase!  We thought the new cases for the iPads looked cool, so we bought a new one (at a discounted price) rather than repair our damaged one.

DSC04728DSC04729DSC04732New iPad case in hand, we walked down the street to the museum.  To be continued…

The new Dodocase cover for our iPad

The new Dodocase cover for our iPad

June 2013

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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1 Response to Coincidence

  1. I love your new case and you’re right. It does look like a book. If ever I get an ipad I’m going to look Dodocase up online.

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