Had we known, we wouldn’t have gone

We don’t go to amusement parks.  We just don’t.  Years ago, we made an exception in Denmark and took the kids to Tivoli Gardens, but, as they rode to their hearts’ content, we looked the other way so we wouldn’t get motion sick.  Are we the only parents who haven’t taken their kids to a Disney park?

Our daughter told us she had extra tickets to Gilroy Gardens (CA) for Father’s Day.  We love being with her family, and what fun to stroll through a garden with them on a lovely Sunday.  When we arrived, the park attendant took time to tell us about their celebrated trees.  Very exciting!

We strolled through the nicely landscaped entry, and, as we moved further into the park, we saw some children’s rides off the path.  Then it dawned on us: more rides than gardens and celebrated trees reside here.  We had gone to an amusement park!

By the time this realization hit, we had volunteered to ride with the kids on miniature old cars.  It was fun!  We hopped off the cars and on to the next amusement. We passed by a series of tall waterfalls, and the boys – 6 and 3 — raced through to stay dry, and then decided it was a lot more fun to run back and forth to get soaked.

DSC04939 - Version 2We visited a pavilion with giant insects. One had a “Ph.D.” and lectured the kids on his species. He kept their attention with giant bug eyes.

DSC04931 Strolling the botanical garden was a pleasure.

DSC04935After lunch the boys raced to the waterpark, tossed off their clothes and scrambled into water garb.  Bursts of water erupted into the air.  Showers of water intermittently soaked them.  Water slides hurtled them down in a whoosh of breathless excitement. They loved every minute, … and so did we, sitting high and dry in the shade.

DSC04962 DSC04960We all walked back to the parking lot.  Their parents took the very tired boys home.  We stayed behind and walked back into the park to look for those celebrated trees.  We spent time photographing the trees and flowers. The late afternoon was quieter as many families were leaving. Had we known Gilroy Gardens was an amusement park, we wouldn’t have gone – but we’re glad we did – and would gladly go back again.


June 2013

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5 Responses to Had we known, we wouldn’t have gone

  1. leggypeggy says:

    Thanks for liking my blog. It led me to yours, which is a good thing.

  2. Verónica says:

    Those trees are amazing.

  3. It sounds like you had the best of both worlds…sharing the boys’ enjoyment and watching from a distance.

  4. Gretchen Hall says:

    So let;s see, the moral of this story is……..be open to new experiences? Don’t let old biases get you down? You can’t judge a book by its cover? or???

    Smiles, GTH

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