Our names have been changed…

When we left Washington, DC in December, we were Beth and Joe.  When we arrived in California, suddenly our names changed. We underwent a temporary identity change for two months in California.  We became Nona and Papa.

With our grandkids, our life style changed.  Instead of dining, we were eating quickly.  Instead of sleeping in, we were up early.  Humor was no longer political but about bodily functions.  Conversations were no longer on a higher level but rather short exchanges about super heroes and Ninja Warriors.  For two months we’ve been with our grandchildren and enjoyed the (mostly) highs and the (few) lows.

This is a girl who keeps her eye on the ball.

This is a girl who keeps her eye on the ball.

We all make choices in life. Any path will have benefits as well as disadvantages.  For us, giving up our apartment and possessions was an easy choice to make in pursuit of traveling.  A harder choice was whether to leave the country for 14 months.  Clearly, the disadvantage is not being closer to see our grandchildren.  We struggled with what that would mean and haven’t totally resolved how that will work out in the coming years.  Kids grow up fast, and we don’t want to miss the stages our grandchildren will go through.  On the other hand, we want to travel while we can, that is, before health problems and low energy – old age – slows us down.


It’s never too early to teach the skill of using binoculars when looking at birds.

Spending time with our four grandkids – ages 6, 6, 5, and 3 – and learning more about each one gave us many precious moments, and we’ll count on picking up where we left off, when we return from our round-the-world trip next year.


It was a big day when we went to get a first library card and entered the information on the computer system.


Nursery school graduation was a new concept for us but he was thrilled in his cap and gown.

June 2013

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6 Responses to Our names have been changed…

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Good for you two!! How exciting~

  2. I so relate to all your comments. We are in Prague and find it hard to.keep.up.with.our tour group. We skipped this mornings tour and chose to.have a late leisurely breakfast instead. When we travel on our own we allow for down time. Tour groups just go go go.

  3. The beauty of the internet is that you will be able to keep in touch no matter where you are in the world.

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