Being creative, on your own, in the woods

Carolyn is not like us. Her chosen work environment is a home studio and she works alone…really alone…10 miles outside of a small town, near the end of a long and winding forested road.  She is a highly creative artist and facile in different mediums.  We marvel how some people can work in such an inspired way with so little contact with others.

The studio is reached by walking around the house, down sweeping mossy steps to the back door on the lower level.  As soon as we walked in, we saw art hanging here, there and everywhere, grabbing our attention so completely that we hardly knew where to look to take it all in.



Carolyn’s work is complex and rich in meaning.  It was enough for us, in our brief visit, to observe small details.

...This is the painting on her easel - a work in progress...

…This is the painting on her easel – a work in progress…


We didn’t have enough time at the studio.  It was past time to begin the day’s drive.  So, we’ll have to be satisfied with an occasional visit to see what she’s up to by visiting her studio online.


July 2013

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